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The AC Milan Offside Honda Scoop!

Honda News Imminent!


My sources tell me a Honda announcement is not to far off!

Obviously i dont want to spill the beans at such a crucial stage but i have it on really good authority that there will be news about Honda within a short period of time!

Stick with us folks and we will keep you updated on who met who, when, what they had to drink, the brand of pen used to sign anything, shoe sizes, even what kind of Pizza is delivered during the frenzied discussions!

Remember, you read it here first....kinda




Disclaimer: I wont be held responsible if my source's info turns out to be dud, if this doesn't go through i wont respond to any follow up questions and may even make like i dont know what the heck you are talking about! In fact, your really getting on my case now, ....beat it!