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AC Offside Fantasy Football League

You may think you are better than this guy, but you are not, but you can prove it anyway!

Maurizio Lagana

Time for everyone who ever thought for a moment they can do what Fester does to put their money where their mouth is! Sign up and play with other AC Milan Offside commenters and see how you stack up:

Winnner get's a date* with Barbara Berlusconi!

*A date does not constitute anything, in fact there will be no date at all. The mere fact that you would want to go where Pato has already been, both literally and figuratively is bad enough, yes this is directed at you Avia!  Really there is no prize, but then again what better prize than bragging rights.  When I ask if you can do better than Fester, you can say, "Well I am in first place in the fantasy league!"