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No More Strikers

Is Berlusconi's never ending chase for strikers finally over?

shouldering the load
shouldering the load
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Milan transfer news is usually always centered around circles.  Regardless of this team's true needs, gaping holes at the back, midfield depth, our Owner always wants more strikers.  This isn't news, he famously told Carletto to stop playing 1 and use 2, taking credit for Carletto's 4-3-1-2.  Ultimately Ancelotti reverted back, turning it into the famous XMAS tree, but Berlu forgets that!  He also hired Leo, simply because he found someone dumb enough to play 4-2-4, sometimes even 4-1-5 and we as fans watched Pirlo get exposed, alone, in front of defense while KJH, Pato, Ronaldinho, Borriello, and whoever else wandered around up top not defending a minute.  But it seems things are FINALLY changing. Max says no more!

Now many will joke, Max will probably get fired for this.  Or more astutely say, it is one thing to say something but will Fester acknowledge it and buy some players we really need?  Over the years it has been comical.  Starting with a washed up Ronaldinho in 2008, overpaying for KJH (EPIC FAIL), Fat-Ronaldo, sticking to long with Pato...the list seems endless.  For every smart striker buy, three stupid ones are their to fall back on.  While during all this, rebuilding the defense and midfield has been slow and hit or miss.  A converted Abate and DeSciglio were life savers, but CB remains an issue.  Monty and Poli, excellent, but is there a solid third and depth?  Now as Milan once again chase Borriello, Lopez, or Pizzaro, enough is enough!

I for one have never been a fan of buying strikers, they are often egotistical, over priced, and rarely give you  a return on investment.  Milan, historically, has had luck in buying and scouting strikers but lately this has been the case, regardless the chasing has to stop.  The front focused insanity has left us void at the back, and it is unacceptable to continue to try and score goals but do nothing to help prevent them. I have preached the importance of defense and solidarity at the back.  Best goal differential usually wins you a Title and Serie A and this year will be no difference.  It also seems that Milan's crop of young attacking talent, Petegna and Niang, can shoulder some of the load and Allegri was quick to point that out.  Simply put, it is time to end this stupid striker-lust and time to buy what this team needs!