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Monday Milan Musings: Top Three Finish?

It seems Fester has not even completed the market and is already putting us in the top 3.

Gabriele Maltinti

Today players reported to Milanello for the start of training. Why so early you ask, Milan has to play in a CL match in August and while the transfer market is still developing, our team has hit the ground running. Some quirky notes from the first day of training...

-Robinho arrived late, and you wonder why I constantly criticize Brazilians! It's called a watch, you probably have a Rolex, check it, then arrive early. Half the battle in life is showing up ON TIME.

-Berlu also arrived late, in a HELICOPTER! Thankfully not on the pitch, which is good because Pato would have blamed the pitch for his injury, if he was still here. Which is hilarious if you think about it!

-Upon his arrival, Berlu did in fact shake Max's hand! Apparently this is BIG news, why because well Berlu supposedly hates Max. Probably for benching El Sharaawy late in the season, so Berlu turns around and says sell him!? What a World. Max got the last laugh though as prior to shaking Berlu's hand he wiped it all over Fester's sweaty bald head.

-Uncle Fester claims Milan will compete for top 3 next season, not first, not second, but top three. It's called expectations, time we measure them!

-Boateng scored the first goal of the training camp, not sure what that means or how we take that!?

-Cristante and Saponara were both present, both spent the night at Milanello yesterday, most likely because they don't have a driver's license and their parents weren't available to drive them in Monday morning! I kid, but hey it's a youth movement isn't it!?

Back Wednesday with our weekly transfer round up, feel free to add to the list if you caught some more "news" from the first day of training!