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Wednesday Milan Musings

This week's rumor round up leaves us nothing to hang our hats on.

Claudio Villa

This weeks round up is more of the same, silly rumors and little concrete news on where the transfer window is taking us.

-The Honda saga continues, though the sides are closer. It seems if Milan wins the CL play in game our Stooge of an Owner may in fact write a check, albeit a small one. The reason is because he needs to buy fifteen other attackers of the Brazilian and Dutch variety as that is what worked in the past and football hasn't change an ounce since 1989. Silvio, give up already and leave the check book with Uncle Fester on the way out.

-Our sister Club, our Youth team, or whatever you want to call it is back in the news. This time on two occasions! The first being Milan's interest in Swedish CB Granqvist. I actually like this move as the 28 year old is a rather stout and simple defender and while he will never be considered a "World Class" Talent it's a smart move to help cover for the rash of early season injuries when guys come back from Holiday and prove they did nothing but eat and sit while away!? COME ON!

-Milan have stopped chasing Silvestre and it seems he will replace Granqvist at Genoa. Clearly the teams are going to work together on this one. I didn't think Silvestre was a bad move and he proved his worth and talent at Palermo before his move to Inter where he failed to shine. The pitfalls about writing transfer rumors early is they changed incessantly, case in point. Now Inter is a bad example as the revolving door of CB pairings and formations didn't do anyone any favors. Either CB, for the purpose of depth, is a good move. However, a real CB (Astori, Rannochia, Sakho) needs to be raised to the top of the priority list.

The pitfalls about writing transfer rumors early is they changed incessantly,

-So I lied, I had three news related to Genoa. The last one being the Genoa Primavera Coach, the man who takes far to much credit for the progress of El Sharaaway says the second striker should be played in the midfield. Thanks for the advice, now explain why? Hint, he doesn't...but he does say some nonsense...

“At the start of last season, El Shaarawy showed all of his qualities by dragging his team forward in a moment of difficulty,” the former Genoa and Milan player told Tuttosport.

“Then he got lost a bit because perhaps he didn’t feel the faith of the environment and everything he was attempting didn’t come off.

So why should he play in the midfield again? Is it because he is a massive physical specimen who can handle the rigors of a midfield role in Serie A? I mean at his bantam weight, plopping him in the center of the park is a TERRIBLE idea. Did you mean say CAM? Where his ability to beat his man and finish will be compromised, and where CBs will eat him for lunch!? I don't know about you but I want our team's top scorer to be closer to goal not farther and I want his foot skills to be front and center where he can beat one man and score. Not beat one, get hacked and end up wrecked.

-Finally, the fixture list has been released, a few highlights for your enjoyment:

Week 3: Inter-Juventus, Sampdoria-Genoa

Week 4: Milan-Napoli, Roma-Lazio: Always love when AC Milan play my family's Club, makes for an interesting Sunday. Will be even more interesting with the new look Napoli and Milan's track record against Rafa is actually quite good, save but one flukey loss.

Week 7: Inter-Roma, Juventus-Milan, Lazio-Fiorentina: Just seven weeks in and in the throws of CL football Milan tie off with Juventus. Will Pirlo be exhausted or will Juve find a way to "turn back the clock!?" always a good match and Milan won the first tie last year and lost the second for a split on the season.

Week 8: Fiorentina-Juventus, Milan-Udinese, Roma-Napoli: My personal favorite Milan v Udine, always entertaining.

Week 10: Fiorentina-Napoli, Milan-Lazio: Lazio has become a royal pain the behind and a cagey match every season.

Week 11: Milan-Fiorentina, Udinese-Inter: Welcome to the newest rivalry in Serie A, let me start by saying I this one will be good!

Week 16: Milan-Roma, Napoli-Inter: Milan have to wait 16 weeks for revenge on Roma, the only other team to beat Milan in second half of last season!

Week 17: Inter-Milan : A derby at XMAS and the second to last match of the season, the HUMANITY!? To bad Inter could be a shocker or a howler, the big question. Will Mazzari still have a job at Week 17? Does he outlast Rafa?

Please note, the fixture list repeats for the second half with teams swapping home field.