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Wednesday Milan Musings

Time to round up this week's transfer madness!

Gabriele Maltinti

For those who don't already know, I personally think transfer rumors are like assholes. Everyone has them, they all stink! But it doesn't mean I won't poke fun at the madness that is the transfer window! Feel free to add more rumors below as we intend to do this weekly!

- Looks like Robinho to Santos will finally become a reality and the mass exodus of what was once a retirement home for Brazilians will now be complete! This has always been one of my beef's with Brazliians, and while Robinho was my MVP a few seasons ago, his decline has been steady and his wages have stayed the same.

- This Robinho news is important because Galliani has stated yet again that Milan can't buy unless they sell. However; it doesn't stop Berlu's son from saying we are as strong as Juventus. In what sense Pier Silvio!? Not transfers, there was once a time when we were battling Real for big signings, now we can't even beat Everton to a signing. Everton!? The same shoe string budget EPL Club that had to let Moyes go to allow him to flourish where he can spend money...delusional much Pier? Apple doesn't fall from the tree, soon you will tell me how great a Champion Pato is, so great he didn't even go to the Confed Cup. Remove head from ass now please and let us get on with real business.

- Speaking of Everton, the player in question is Honda, and if in fact Milan can lay claim to a true CAM, it would be magnificent. The 4-3-1-2 would be a reality and personnel would match. Now we just have to sell to buy as it would appear terms are agreed.

- The Poli deal which was rumored to be complete, is not, and the saga continues. Samp want Salamon, while Milan is more interested in offering Strasser. I am sure some how Samp will get 50 ownership of both, with Genoa somehow getting the rest...did I mention I hate the transfer window!?

- Milan have said SES goes nowhere, but wanted to make sure they had someone on deck. That someone? Udine's Colombian Muriel. This surely won't make SES feel any better, nor will statements like this. Geez, can the kid catch a break? Carried the team in the beginning of the season, played tons of minutes, yet still needs to improve!? Of course, everyone does, but does it have to be so abrasive!? Not the first time Boban has had a foot in mouth moment.

I leave you with this from a few weeks back and thanks as always to Football Italia for the great sources that we can discuss!