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My Custom AC Milan "Red and Black" Build, Part II

I told you I would tie it back to AC Milan!

In the case you missed Part I, here it is.

So I chose a Franco Bicycle Frame, what happened next?? I was still sort of set in doing my own build, but hadn't really figured out all realities and logistics. While I am pretty handy, last thing I wanted was a great group set, great frame and a shoddy build. More importantly in my decision to let Franco Bicycles do the build was the fit process. For those who have never had experience with a Pro Fit, until a few weeks I had not, I recommend it fully. Each bike build comes with a Retul Fit, now to be honest there are many "schools of fit" and I am only familiar with this one, but it was a great process. The guys at Actions Sports, specifically Rich, did my fit. it took about an hour and you show up with your bike, suit up and ride the trainer. They take measurements, make adjustments, and provide you with a fit data that can be applied to any and all bicycles you may ride. Since the fit, I have less nagging issues with neck and knee pain, and the only holding me back is my engine instead of my suspension.

With that data in hand, I proceeded to send my grouppo to California to start the build! What ensued was one of the coolest processes I have ever been a part of. I worked directly with Troy and Stormin' Norma, Franco Bike Employees, who talked me through all the respective component choices for the build. We talked about a few key points and themes. The first being my desire to keep the bike "Italian" in terms of cockpit, saddle, and wheels. After some Q&A, I settled on a 3T cockpit, a San Marco Saddle, and some slick 35MM Campy Scirocco wheels with Vittoria Tires. The guys also were on board with my "Red and Black" bike build desires, keeping true to the color scheme as I moved forward with my custom bike in my favorite colors.

For those more bike orientated than Football orientated, the Red and Black for Milan fans is almost sacred. More so than any other football fans, I mean Scousers love their Red, but few teams are as widely recognized by their colors than AC Milan. The choice to between Franco Frames, was not easy, but when we worked our way toward the Kanan and ultimately the Red and Black frame, it was a really excited, and being able to keep the color theme made it an even more custom process! Not only would I get a new bike, but I would get to share it with everyone here at the AC Milan Offside!

Part III, the Grande Finale, will be complete with un-boxing photos and first ride review!