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Wednesday Milan Musings

Buying a Honda, Handing out Numbers and the Rino Firing Watch...

Tullio M. Puglia

-Get your helmet, the sky is falling! We have lost the Trofeo TIM! We lost the Trofeo TIM, fire Max, burn the kits and get new players. Of course it is an exhibition tournament, at the dawn of preseason, but if you believe in the Doomsday Prophecy of some tifosi, this is your chance to abandon ship. Think about it, the season has not yet begun, there is still time to buy a Viola jersey with Gomez or Rossi on the back, pledge allegiance to Montella and get on with your new life!! I mean why endure the hardship of the rest of preseason, it can only get worse, can't it!? This ladies and gents is sarcasm...if you base anything on this Tournament, then you probably shouldn't watch football!

-Tony has hit on the Honda issue already, but the noise is getting dramatic? Will we, won't we, free or not free!? Why is it every little thing MIlan does lately has to be difficult, overly publicized and dramatic. If Milan were a reality TV show it would have been cancelled because due to the fact that there is to much drama with ZERO resolution!! Who wants to watch constant nonsense about this or that happening and nothing ever does, oh wait...we do. Each and every day we support Milan! Would we have it any other way? No, AC Milan, taking the long road and walking it since 1899...Avia can I copyright that!?

-Milan handed out shirt numbers, some notable changes. Nocerino takes Ambro's 23, a number he wore for Micheal Jordan. Sadly, Nocerino will wear it on the bench. Vergara takes the #8, which is odd seeing he is more of a #10 than Boateng, but expect that to change if Kevin is run out of town, I mean sold. The big news, no #9! Balotelli chooses do math 4+5 instead of dawning the striker number, and seeing that Pato wore it last year it may be tainted...

-Former Milan legend starts his illustrious Coaching career at the hands of the wild man Zamparini in Palermo. This means he will inevitably fired, possibily re-hired, and somehow end up in legal battle for having slapped the old lunatic. Rino says Milan was not option, as it was to big a role to fill, rightfully so. The question on my old, we still have an old lunatic that needs slapping, can we get some help!?

-In the dumbest news of the week, Milan look to buy Julio Cesear from QPR. Let's look at this faulty logic shall we. On overpaid backup who used to play for Inter, no thanks. Now I know Berlusconi is really struggling with the lack of Brazilians on the roster, and when he demanded Fester to get more, I am sure he didn't have a goalie in mind. How did that conversation go? "Adriano, we need more Brazilians! Call Ronaldo, see how is doing, how about Romario, wait what Neymar?!" ..."Silvo, Neymar went to Barcelona, for a lot of money, that thing we don't have."

-I leave you with a quote from Silvio himself...what he means is totally up to you!?

“I am always here even in spirit so I will always come when called upon.”

Hey Silvio we need $$, yet oddly you disappeared, go figure. You are like Pato fans, when he is playing, he is the second coming, when he is sold they become like him on the pitch...ghost!