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Welcoming Some New Faces

Change is Good!

My seven year "reign of terror" dictatorship over the AC Milan Offside is over!! No, I have not been overthrown, it was not a calculated coup, and Avia has not assumed the Title of Supreme Ruler! All is well in the World of the AC Milan Offside. In fact as the Blog continues to grow here at SB Nation, so does the content and you will see three new face, but more importantly I hope to see many more new posts in the Fan Posts column so I can promote and we can truly become a community and continue to grow into one of the biggest Serie A blogs on the SB Nation network! Simply put if you have a lot to say in a comment, pop into a Fan Post, send me note and get your front page!

Now onto the introductions...

For those that don't know the Godfather of the AC Milan Offside Ultras, Avia, is a Legend in these parts. The first and most prominent guest on the AC Milan Offside Podcast. The first guest post, and one of the first comments when I started here seven years ago. We have shared emails, laughs, and now a friendship and I am honored to have him here. Expect to see him post for a little, "Weekends with the Godfather."

Tony Scerra is another new face, one my first followers on Twitter, and an all around great tifosi. He has contributed to numerous sites around the net and now he makes his home here at the Milan Offside. He is going to share his opinion weekly, so make sure you share yours!

Finally, we have a convert to the Red and Black cloth. Ed Francis, who plied his trade at Cartilage Free Captain, has the dubious honor of supporting Spurs and AC Milan!? But don't bother asking him who will win in a fight, Joe Johnson or Rino Gattuso, we all know that answer anyway! Joe doesn't stand a chance, instead Ed will be hitting on tactics and occasional opinion pieces.

Please welcome the new faces! I would say treat them with the same respect and dignity I have been treated with over years (for the most part!) but that would be no fun!