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Mercato Fail?

Where is the 40M signing damnit ?!?!

Yes, every other team appears to be stocking up and Milan arent up to very much.

Current Italian champs Juve have already added Tevez, Llorente & Ogbonna. Napoli reckon they have $120M for the current transer budget after the sale of Cavani. The Viola have added Gomez for 16M and will likely have more to play with once they receive the cheque in the post from Man City following Jovetic's sale meanwhile the Lupi have added the much vaunted Strootman as well as cashing in a dizzying $31M for Marquinhos.

So i wanted to take a quick stock check of the current roster to see just how urgent are signings for each department. I'm aware that this is open to change but at the time of writing i will be sourcing from the official club roster. I will be breaking down each unit into starters, back up and erm .... miscellaneous. Players highlighted in bold in theory could/should be sold.


Starters: Abate, Constant, De Sciglio, Mexes, Zapata

Backup: Antonini, Bonera

Misc: Vergara, Zaccardo, Vila

Now this is still the most worrying part of the squad as i dont feel that A we have enough depth in terms of starters and B that our CBs are of the quality that we need to build on from last season. Now, we have bought out Zapata completely and still hold out the hope that we sell him maybe for another CB. Also, we still have no idea of Vergara, will he just be another faceless player we hardly see, loaned out to never be seen again or a signing in the Silva mould that could breakout next season?? Time will tell.


Starters: De Jong, Montolivo, Poli, Muntari, Boateng, Saponara

Back up: Traore, Emanuelson, Nocerino

Misc: Strasser, Cristante

To be honest, the mid is not as bad as people seem to make out imo. I think possibly if we ditch both Nocerino & Boateng and bring in just even Honda we got a pretty good roster. Also, Cristante is another addition from the Primavera that will be worth keeping an eye out on if/when he gets the chance to play As for Saponara, everything seems to point to him being a bit of a firecracker, here's to hoping!


Starters: Balotelli, El Shaarawy, Niang, Pazzini,

Back up: Robinho, Petegna

Misc: Oduamadi

Bearing in mind that Pazzini is injured and will be for the maybe the 1st 3-4 months of the season and we still dont know if Robinho is the same one as last season there are still some question marks imo. I think Petegna, who has played a few mins of 1st team football for us last season will only show up if we take more injuries up front (God forbid!).

So in all i personally dont think we are screaming out for a 40Milly signing it just sucks to see other teams splashing cash. Dont forget, we are technically still rebuilding whilst building within a sustainable model. This will hopefully allow us to avoid the boom and bust of previous times whereby we end up having to let someone like Ibra go because it saves us a ton of money.