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Wednesday Milan Musings

"Max, I have a secret..we still have no $"

Claudio Villa

Is it really a secret anymore Fester? I mean no Honda until January, when is he is free says it all doesn't it.

-Another move that won't happen because Robinho is a worthless asset, is Ljajic. Not so worried about this one, as I don't think he is what Milan needed anyway, but the plummeting loss of value for our last two attacking Brazilians is shameful. A few years back I was slammed for questioning Milan's lust for Brazilians, now I just want my money back!

- Boateng could move to Galatasaray, that is if Wesley Sneijder can convince him!? In a strange twist it is no longer money or ownership who determines a players move, but a future teammate!? Come on, just send a transfer check and you can have the man formerly known as Prince, we can use the money anyway, see above.

- If we do sell someone, not sure who at this point, it appears Milan will make a big move. No it's not Ricardo Oliveria big, or Mr. X big, but it will be big! Expect the big signing to be a new physio as the old physio quit after having nothing to do past January when Pato had been sold.

- Regardless of a big signing or not Cristian Zapata thinks Milan can challenge Juve! The team is strong enough he claims, now having lost depth, made no real additions, and still have questions in defense I am not sure what he is talking about. Maybe the new signing is the old 90s Juve Physio, and that is why Milan is stronger!?

- Arsenal are looking to make a bid for Abate, we all discussed his sale at some point or another, but I am 100% against it. DeSciglio should be groomed at LB, and Abate is the once and future RB, let's not create holes faster than we can fill them. Plus I think Iggy is a bit old for Wenger's taste, maybe some Didac Villa can satisfy the old gaffer?

-On a more serious note, Andrea Poli says it is a dream to play for Milan. Having already played for Inter and courted by Juventus, I simply ask, Andrea how many times are you going to say stuff like this?? We get it, now show me how much of a dream it is on the pitch, for a full 90! You have tremendous talent, let's see it action.