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Wednesday Milan Musings

Robinho, Rannochia, and Bojo's Parting Gift...

Jasper Juinen

Wednesday transfer round up, feel free to add more below...

-The Robinho deal is being banded about at $6M. Not exactly high enough, and not exactly what Milan was expected. Fester expects this deal to be done by July 20, if it is not he will stay. This is an interesting comment because it goes beyond just Robinho, does Milan want their market settled in July to assure cohesion and chemistry for August and the CL match? Will Fester work his magic in July instead of the eleventh hour in August?

-Ljacic continues to be a target for Milan. The question really needs to be asked, WHY? We don't need another support striker, then again if we do go back to the 4-3-1-2, we maybe have to many out and out strikers and not enough second. Step one should still be Honda, as it helps define the formation going forward, CAM or not really leads us to 4-3-1-2 versus 4-3-3.

-Speaking of Honda, the deal is now stalling. CSKA wants some money and Milan is slow rolling it here, the problem is other team's of less stature are actually willing to pay. Fester may actually mess this one up, a rarity, but we shall see.

-Menez has surfaced as a transfer target, my thoughts, NO THANKS! His time at Roma showed flashes, but he proved one thing before he left, the physical rigors of Serie A were to much. When given space he excelled, when pushed he became a pestilent child. Diving and throwing tantrums, simply put, stay in France.

-Onto another glass wonder. Bojo the Clown, says his move to Roma and Milan were a mistake. Let's translate...I am not capable of playing for a big team and I proved that each step of the way. Enough said, good luck in Holland, but the I am afraid the massive hype will never be lived up to.

-Galliani has denied a deal/offer for Rannocchia which means he has submitted an offer. Our dealings with Inter players not able to find a groove has been good (Seedorf and Pirlo) maybe a third time is a charm. We desperately need CB help and this is a good move, as would be Astori or Ogbonna who seems close to Juventus.

-Speaking of Juventus, it seems they have decided to collect players at an alarming rate, instead of truly filling needs. They needed strikers, and they bought plenty, but are they going to get what they paid for? Only time will tell.