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Max Monday

but will he find his checkbook up there as well?

Valerio Pennicino

Finally, a resolution! A sensible, rational and logical one to boot whereas pragmatism won out over foolish notions of Tiki-Taka and Joga Bonito, both DOA anyway. So what happens next?

It seems we are taking the right steps forward, extending Max and keeping the youth movement going. But how do we avoid this season's mistakes from being repeated? The message is simple, the Owner needs to put his money where his mouth is. If he truly desires "champagne" football, a fool's request, then why not buys those types of players, as well as the players needed to support footballers who prioritize attack or defense. A better scenario would be to leave the football to those that understand and have him get back to doing what he does best, write checks!

No Coach can be truly successful when he is being asked to write an opera without a violin, or make pizza without dough! It is impossible. Not to mention, no Coach can truly be blamed for player injuries or player execution, yet for some reason a lot of "fans" out there who have never gotten off the couch or even coached a football match believe these things all fall on the shoulders of Allegri, hypocrisy much?

So we move forward, but the work has only just begun! The next two to three weeks are crucial in the next steps of the future of AC Milan. What will the formation be? Who will the targets be? What will the goals be? If expectations are reasonable and managed we will take step one to YEAR ONE, if not well, we are merely treading water.