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Confederations Cup Semi-Final Preview

Time to let Italians do what Italians best, defend by all means necessary...

Lonely Days for the Former Fiorentina Man
Lonely Days for the Former Fiorentina Man
Jasper Juinen

Want to apologize for being a bit MIA this week, was sent on business to Chicago and finally settling in only to hop on a plane again. Nice thing I was able to catch some of the Uruguay - Brazil semifinal. We learned a few things we already knew, Neymar is a diver, Silva can make mistakes, and Uruguay can really play! The question is what we will learn tomorrow, than Prandelli is a one trick pony, or that Spain can beat!? Your guess is as good as mine...

Early rumblings say Cesare will play the Juventus three man backline of Barzagli, Chiellini, and Bonucci. OK, I can live that with that, best defense in Serie A and so on. Shield them with DDR who has been the most consistent performer in the tournament. But when you through in Giaccherini and Maggio as wingbacks you are just asking for trouble. Let's not even worry about the issues with Maggio defending, but Giaccherini!? Abate, tournament over, Balotelli, tournament over. So what do you do!? Play a 3-4-3 instead of a 3-5-1 and further expose the defense and flanks against Spain!? I just don't get it...

Didn't Prandelli learn anything in the embarrassment in the Euro final? Is his pride and ego to big to not only scale back on the attack but bolster the defense? The answer is simply yes! Play nine or ten behind the ball, frustrate Spain and bite back on the counter. The problem is our Coach lacks the know-how and our team lacks the personnel, so instead going down sleeves rolls up and a bit dirty, we hope not for a result, but to avoid a second embarrassment at the hands of Spain. But hey, Prandelli subs early, must mean he is a good Coach! So early in fact he often leaves no subs at the end of the match to guard against injury. Hey Cesare, and "Team Sub Early" as the Godfather, Avia, so brightly coined. What happens if you make three subs and Buffon gets a red or hurt, in a Semi-Final? Oh yeah, play Giovinco in goal.

Tomorrow is going to be fun...would love to hear what people have for hopes for tomorrow's match.