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Thursday Milan Musings

Catching up from being away.

Gabriele Maltinti

-No better place to start than Avia's top class piece here. I for one am against the sale of El Sharaawy, for a myriad of reasons. How can we go from Year Zero, in which he was the cornerstone at the tender age of 20 and then sell him off!? Have we lost every last shred of what it meant to be AC Milan? I have no problem with this notion of selling of players or being a selling Club, football is business, but if we are going to become Arsenal, I would like to understand what the plan is. At Arsenal players are barely given a chance to shine, they show a glimmer of hope and are sold off, I feel like El Sharaawy is being treated the in the same way. Why? Are we truly that cash strapped? Is there something behind the scenes? I was OK with the sale Kaka, thought it was a year to late, I was even OK with the sale of Sheva, he gave us his all, but this I can't get behind!? Did we sell Maldini or Kaka at 20? What are we really becoming, and that is a question that only Silvio, who has clearly lost his marbles can answer. If you are going to fire Max for resting the kid late on, how are you going to look at yourself for selling him!? Now I know why so many Milan "fans" are raging hypocrites, it comes from the top.

- While Kem and I have had some heated discussions on tactics, he hits the nail on the head here. Silly Couch Coaches used to slam max for not having a Plan B, but you can't have a Plan B without a Plan A and you can't have a Plan A without the players. Time ownership sees what many of us here have already exposed them for.

- Milan would welcome Matri back, and to that I simply say, why!? Another striker!? Welcome to AC Milan the Circus of Strikers. I get we are going to offload Robinho and Bojo the Clown, but what happened to promoting Petagna?

- The Poli deal is in the works, and almost complete. This is a solid move and gives Milan the sort of box to box full blooded midfielder needed to get back to the 4-3-1-2. It may also let Boateng go back to the CAM role, where he flourished with the right personnel, and lets Saponara take the reins there as well.

- Speaking of midfield, Milan's handling of 18 year veteran and Captain was shameful. Playing for AC Milan used to mean something, and I fully understand out with the old in with the new as a necessary for this Club. But not communicating with Ambro and not giving him a proper send off is simply embarrassing. It sorts of puts the Ownerships moral compass on display yet again...they welcome a washed up Ronaldino and fat Ronaldo with stadium fanfare, but they can't send off the heir to Maldini and two time CL winner? To put it rather simply, he was never the best and brightest, but he put his work in on the pitch no matter the match. I remember fondly a few seasons ago when Milan were struggling for third under Carletto and it was Ambrosini that chained together a string goals to save the season, it was always the little things! Raf get's it!

Long awaited season recap runs over the weekend, hope to see you in the comments!