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Milan 4 Pescara 0

Valerio Pennicino

Sometimes the stats don't tell the whole story, sometimes they do. This was a walk in the park...

39% possession and no shots on goal told Pescara's whole relegation story. In essence Milan did what they were supposed at a walking pace and a bit of recovery for the weekend. A goal from Muntari, a third from Flamini and two from Balotelli made this one easy. Balotelli even showed off his inner Zlatan playing through balls into Pazzo and Robinho setting up goals and opportunities. Who would have thought at this stage of the season we would have Flamini scoring a goal in 4 out of 5 matches!? The beauty of this Milan team is that people have stepped up all season long to carry the load.

Two matches left, and Milan in charge of their won destiny, the progress made this season often gets belittled but it shouldn't. The possibility to finish third after the transfers, turmoil and rebuilding of AC Milan is a big deal. A relatively new and young team growing and learning together and still finding ways to win, in fact a great run in 2013 is a sign of things to come and personally I am excited. Enjoy the victory, but Sunday is just around the corner and Roma is not a push over.