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Matchday XXVI: Pescara v Milan

Should be three points in the bag, but when has Milan ever done anything the easy way?

Valerio Pennicino

So if you have been following you know Milan has a way of going about things in late season matches. Expect Milan to boss the match, expect them to create and miss chances, and expect Milan target Mattia Perin to have a cracker of a match. In turn making us want him more, while Berlusconi tells Uncle Fester, GK!? Who needs a GK!? Strikers, Adriano, we need more strikers...ah the life of a Milan fan...

Not the ideal time for a midweek match with injuries to DeSciglio and Monty. Ambro returning to training yesterday, and Boateng suspended. Max will most likely go with the same lineup from Sunday with Niang on the RW. Many still want to see Pazzo in action with Balotelli, but I don't think functionality it will work. We lack a true link to play those two together so you may see a lot of "movement" but not real result. You could argue that El Sharaawy could play in the hole, but then some will wonder where Niang is? They will say, play four strikers!? Kidding, but moving El Sharaawy to a more demanding role, with his form down is a poor choice. Playing Balotelli on the wing is a poor as well as he simply doesn't fit in that role, so as you start to deduce and discuss you can see Max's hands are tied to this:

Abbiati; Abate, Zapata, Mexes, Constant; Flamini, Muntari, Nocerino; Niang, Balotelli, El Sharaawy

Wouldn't be surprised if we see the same sort of lack of chemistry from Sunday. The saving grace is that Pescara is not as well organized and their defending is shambolic. Perin may have something to say about it, but I expect a busy day in the Office for him. It may not be pretty, but three points is certainly the expectation. As for the reality, let's leave that up to the professionals.