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Friday Milan Musings

I got tired of waiting...

Dino Panato

-For those that don't know the guy in the photo is our very own Saponara, not really a striker, not really a midfielder, he is a bit like El Sharaawy, with less goal scoring more prowess and more assist prowess. He has made a ton of noise in Serie B this season and will be part of the Milan setup, unless of course we hire a Coach who doesn't play youth and therefore he will be loaned out and never heard from again. Still hate Max, do you? Well it could always be worse...

-Speaking of Max, the saga continues, and now it is no longer a Coaching situation but an embarrassment. I say this because in a recent conversation with a Napoli that went as follows:

Me: "You guys hired Rafa!?"

Napoli Fan: "Yep, at least we have a Coach."

Me: Touche...

I then realized even though he would have endure a season of terrible Rafa-isms, they did in fact have a Coach, one he even won a CL by accident once. Which is one step better than us as they begin preparing for the future, while AC Milan sits idle somewhere between past and present. Hamsik to Milan!? Why would anyone want to waltz into this three ring circus!? As Avia so pointedly coined in the comments of the last post, there is the hard way, easy way, fast way, but at Milan...everything is done the Milan Way. I will let him complete the definition for you...

-The reason I am so chapped about the Coaching issue is that the transfer market is already in full swing and while Juve looks to snag Italian youth like Ogbonna, Perin and Poli, Milan can't even get out of their own way! We may have beaten them to the punch for Poli, a good move if it is in fact a reality, but Ogbonna is the more needed reinforcement, and Astori remains the same mystery he has been the past two seasons, now being linked to Juve and Napoli. Not to alarm anyone but we have a CL play-in match in August, teams are already building toward this, we on the other hand are not.

-PSG and our dear friends Silva, Carletto, Leo and Zlatan appear to be spending some quality time in the news. Carletto wanting to go to Madrid, not the first time. Zlatan, maybe leaving if Ancelloti leaves, not the first time. Leo, getting a suspension, not the first time. See the theme here? The reason I brought up Silva is rather simple. The more I got to thinking about the more upset I am with his transfer, but not so much with the Club, but the player. How did Pato manage to get to stay, while Silva got a raise and still walked out the door? Was it just the transfer fee? Had Pato left to them in January would Silva been saved in the summer? Why hasn't he said a word since? Something fishy about that whole thing and idle minds lead to long hard questions.

-I know I still owe you all a season recap, and I as jokingly said I was boycotting posting until an announcement was made on the Coach. The recap will post in pieces next week as I try and coordinate with some blog members to get their posts mixed in as well. The reason being, for those that don't know, I am getting married next Saturday and time has been pinched but we should back to normal after the wedding.