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Season Recap: The Foreword

Maybe it is because we may or may not have a Coach, maybe it was the way we exceeded expectations for Year Zero, either way this one is hard to summarize!?

Gabriele Maltinti

The season recap is usually fairly simple, I mean I have been doing this for nearly 7 years now. Have graded the team by number, by letter grade, never had an issue. Something about this year I can't quite put finger on, so before I got down to the nitty gritty of recapping the season I needed to get my head sorted first.

A year ago about this time, we were mired in a rumor mill of epic proportion, like late season matches Milan even finds a way to complicate that. Was Zlatan going to be sold, was he not, had Silva been sold, no he had been renewed!? It was like some sort of transfer merry go round in hyper speed and all the while our management simply played us like fiddles. Why? Now here we sit a year later, having endured this with the sale of Kaka, the firing of Leo, the transfer in and out of Zlatan and have we learned? No, we don't even know if we have a Coach or not, and in ninety days we have to play a Champions League playoff. I mean in those ninety-days last summer all we had done was GUT the entire team and leave Max Allegri and a few key personnel with next nothing to start the season. Doing that again this year will surely make the entire fight for third place a wasted effort.

Most teams preparing to play off in the CL are already building, Arsenal is not mired in a Coaching debacle. They are looking to strengthen, making transfer noise, and moving forward. Not Milan, two step forward to take three steps back. It no longer matters who is in charge of this squad, that much has been clear by the Ownership, as they treat them not like a peer and leader of the team but as a disposal individual who is expected to make an opera with a kazoo, a carbonara with a bag of flour or an action movie with the fat guy from the Hangover, I think you get my point. So until this team gets on the same page from top to bottom we will be closer to Palermo and Inter, firing coaches and making foolish transfer, then we will be to Bayern, Dortmund or PSG. The rebuilding had begun, now we can move forward with it or start it all over again, always knowing it may need to be started again, and then what?

I will get over this little hump, but I figured I needed to get that out their one more time. We had a decent season, no one expected to be competing for second place, and a CL spot. If you did, with the transfers both in and out, then you are lying! This was supposed to a be a reset and restart, and here we are doing just that with minimal tools, but a lot of heart and solid effort. Apparently that is not good enough, but the question and answers need not come from El Sharaawy, Allegri, DeSciglio or Montolivo. The answer needs to come from Silvio Berlusconi, and while anyone who knows football has already come out and supported Allegri, Cappello and Sacchi to name a few, a man who "claims" to know football like the "fans" we see here seem to have a better idea, well let's hear it!

I reached out to Avia, and YTOWN already posted his, but if you want to post a recap would love to read and run it front page. Let's get everyone's take on the season!