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Wednesday Milan Musings

Can't help but feel I am living out some sort of historical nightmare?

Claudio Villa

The lunatic masses have spoken, and their ring leader Silvio Berlusconi, bringer of good fortune and doom has as well. It is no longer about AC Milan and Max Allegri, or even football. We have lost sight of the stability and practicality needed to be a good football Club. Instead a portion of these "fans" have become rabid masses no longer reasoning but look for their pound of flesh, their witch in this epic witch hunt, as this season was simply not good enough.

These seem "fans" have conveniently forgotten that the team was dismantled and decimated in the summer. They have conveniently forgot that at the beginning of the season members of this team were playing as if they were going through the motions instead of executing. They conveniently forgot that football is won by the best teams, not the best Coaches or players, but the collective, and often most practical. It is to late, like the mob who crucified Jesus Christ or the mob who burned Joan of Arc, it is no longer about reason, it is about a scape goat, opium for the masses and fans are eating up. Berlusconi will not come forward and say, I made this mess, I sold Zlatan and Silva and spent nothing. I opted to keep my daughter's bed warm with Pato instead of buying Tevez, it was me. Instead he throws a sacrificial slaughter who was never even given the tools he requested to succeed.

At the end of the day I can live with this, I have lived through it before. Carletto was once the same sacrificial lamb and from those ashes rose a loser in Leonardo. Are we doomed to repeat history's mistakes, most likely, and then what? A step backwards instead of forward? What of the angry mob, who will have moved on to support Bayern or Borussia or the newest flavor of the week while we have to deal with the instability and a new rebuilding process? I can't answer these questions, but I can say with a bit of confidence, we are a making a mistake. Seedorf is not the answer and even the Curva has pointed it out, but the few along with the most irrational fool, Silvio Berlusconi will soon have spoken.

Someday I will come looking for my answers, and my pound of flesh...until then enjoy yours...