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Siena 1 Milan 2

But it was not an easy 90 to endure!

Gabriele Maltinti

At around the 60th minute I had come to grips with the Europa League. My conclusion was simple, the team was young and inexperienced and it pressure situations that have not always excelled, this was no different. What better way to gain experienced then a year in the Europa Cup and what better way to thank Berlusconi for the season then with missing out on the CL. He put us in this mess, and the silver lining was competing for a Trophy Milan had never won!? Well, thankfully I was dead wrong and gave up maybe a little to easy!

Mexes was truly the hero, saving our bacon in they dying minutes. But a cheap penalty, a bit of reparation from the Fiorentina debacle, from the same ref no less gave us a chance. The rest well will ultimately be history! It was not as if Milan was not the better team, but like in all late season Milan matches possession and chances don't always equal goals. 15 by halftime to be exact, with five on goal and 63 percent of the ball did not equal results, as Milan seemed disjointed and struggled to break down a very disciplined Siena team. In fact, Siena deserves some credit and respect here as they were all relegated and playing for pride. Having never beat Milan they took the game to us, and unlike Pescara were not going down easy.

So our 90 minute struggle is over and we have qualified for the CL. Sure it was by the skin of our teeth, with everything to gain now! Yes there will be a qualifying match, and most likely not an easy one, but the team has grown and built over the season and the pressure won't get any easier as we move forward. This week is going to be monumental, there will be significant news both with Allegri and player turnover so stay tuned. What I would also like to see is season recaps as fan posts and we can get those front paged, as I want everyone's take and opinion as I start building my posts.