A Salute To Massimo Ambrosini

Today might have been Massimo Ambrosini's last game for Milan. It's a real shame that it had to end with a red card. He has been a warrior for us for so many years. A loyal servant who never complained or demanded this or that. He'll probably never make any hall of fame except Milan's. He wasn't "world class" but he was ours, and he was good! Not too many players get to stay at one club for so long. He's endured many ups and downs. He's been a starter, a bench warmer, and a captain. I remember that he first got his start for Milan during Fabio Capello's disastrous second stint. Capello really only started him out of spite for his first team. Haha. Ambro took his chance and impressed enough to stick around. He's left his heart and soul on the pitch ever since and in a red and black shirt. Despite how it all ended for him today, he deserves our praise. He's had a very good career here and I will remember him very fondly. Hopefully Galliani gives him a nicer pen than Pirlo.

So this is a salute to Massimo Ambrosini. Thank you so much sir! The number 23 will always be yours in my mind.

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