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Wednesday Milan Musings

As I watched Bayern dismantle Barcelona, I remember when Milan dismantled Barcelona.

The inspiration for this post came partially from today's demolition as it did from a conversation with Kem_Anto here on the blog. I have tremendous respect for Kem_Anto and we engaged in a bit of a chicken or the egg conversation regarding Milan's return to CL Glory. Kem_Anto does not believe Allegri to be the caliber of Coach to take Milan to the CL, I argued that it is not the Coach's caliber that wins the CL but the things experienced over time in the CL that helps assure victory. Sacchi, Carletto, and Cappello were not CL caliber Coaches, they were simply Coaches who had different paths in the CL, Allegri is no different.

I say this now as I watched the Bayern players celebrate as though they had won the Final. Last year in their own stadium they could not have this celebration but I am willing to be you will not find one Bayern player who does not recall that somber truth. These players have all been labled at one time or another "Chokers" for both Club and Country. Schweinsteiger, Lahm, Muller, and Gomez have all been to the pinnacle of finals only to see it slip away. No one would arge that these players are not of the "caliber" to compete at the highest level, but instead consider that they had more to learn and more respect to earn for such majestic matches. Bayern's talent did not lose last year's CL, Chelsea's guil and experience won it. They smelled blood in the water after the missed PK and didn't stop pressing until Bayern collapsed, it is that killer instinct, that patience, and that recognition that both Club and Coach must learn at the highest level.

So I plead, like the banner above to have some respect for our Coach and Leader Max Allegri. I have requested time and time again and I as see his name mentioned by more Clubs in the off season, I have to wonder if it is only a few "Couch Coaches" wearing Red and Black this week instead of Bayern Red or Barca stripes, who carry this view. The simple fact of the matter is that CL coaches are not born, they are made, from match after match in the Champions League.

I come from an era where the Champions League did not have group stages and they didn't allow the top 15 teams from each Country who makes the most money in. Yes, I exaggerated, but you got my point! It is no longer a knock-out battle, but a long arduous marathon that over the course season takes it toll on two fronts. Deep rosters and luck now play as much as role as talent and exuberance. This year it is the German cycle, like the Italians in early 2000s and the English later in the decade, each Country seems to enjoy a cycle. Coupled with some luck, the German youth system, efficient transfers and ruthless physicality to match the technical prowess has given the Bundesliga a chance to shine. Fear not for Serie A, our cycle will someday return and if it doesn't be glad you were able to witness it when you did, and if you didn't witness it, my apologies, read a book instead.

I understand I rambled and meandered a bit above. Maybe it is my ritualistic CL Heineken talking, but I simply call for some patience with the team and understanding that our cycle will someday come again. Maybe it will be Allegri, maybe it will not, but to think a Coach is simply born a CL master tactician is a bit naive. So as you ponder this thought, let us all "basque" in the defeat of Barcelona while it could and should have been at the hands of our Milan, the Germans can enjoy the moment.