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Siena v Milan Preview

In American football it is customary to watch many matches at once, it appears we have to do that now as well...

Claudio Villa

On Sunday, should the result go sour for Milan we will have to watch the Fiorentina match with eyes wide open hoping an already relegated Pescara can steal some points from the Viola who need a win as much as we do. Odds of this happening, slim to none, so it is best Milan take care of business as they visit Siena.

Last week's match was a disappointment not for what happened off the pitch, but even on it. Milan were the better team with better chances, even with ten men, but simply couldn't find the back of the net. This can't happen for a second week in a row. All eyes will be on the attack and does Max go with 4-3-3 featuring El Sharaawy, Balotelli, and Niang/Robinho or does he mix it up. We talked about the to many striker dilemma and if he really is going to Roma he can give his owner a big old EFF YOU and play none of the six strikers, but that is not Max despite what Couch Coaches will tell you. I expect a 4-3-3 as follows...

Abbiati; Abate, Zapata, Mexes, Constant; Flamini, Ambro, Prince; Niang, Balotelli, El Sharaawy

I don't think Prince will be needed in the front line, even though Milan's points per game with him in the advance role is better than when he plays deeper, contrary to his own opinion. I expect if he is fit he plays in the mid line. Flamini foiled his hot streak of goals last week and may want another to add to his tally, taking him above even former Milan strikers in goal totals! Can El Sharaawy end the season how he started it or will Balotelli be the hero, you need to come check it out Sunday to be certain!

Finally, wanted to thank everyone for bearing with the server issues that are continuing. Repairs are ongoing and are being deployed as we speak, but things are getting back to normal. I also want to thank you all for enduring the MilanMan issue last week, things are going on behind the scenes as in my opinion banning people is an absolute last resort that I am often compelled to make by the outcry of many of you. I have reached out to a lot of you and thanks for your opinions in dealing with it, end rant...