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Milan 0 Roma 0

On and Off the Pitch this one didn't live up to expectation but had a lot of talking points...

Claudio Villa

I said there were a lot of talking points and I am going to take it that way...

-A few weeks ago I joked that Milan followed a recipe in late season matches, I fully intend to stop joking. Missed chance, poor choices, and taking the hard road were all things I poked fun at and came true. If I joke again about something like this let me have it, as I don't want it coming true.

-The bigger talking point, even beyond Serie A, was the ref stopping the match because of Roma Ultras and racist chanting. Once again it was a disgraceful act and a huge distraction and really marred what looked to be a hotly contested affair. The referee was forced to suspend the match, but one could argue it should have been called off entirely as the lessons continue to be lenient and nobody is learning. It truly ruined an entertaining match that degenerated rather quickly following the stop in action as the referee clearly had no control on or off the pitch. I have been historically hard on both Roma and their fans and this only reinforces my previous beliefs.

-Speaking of referee he played a big part red carding Muntari in the 40th minute and Totti near the end. More on Totti latter, but Muntari's Totti impression was not well received and put Milan in a tremendous disadvantage so early on. He supported a team mate and it has to become evident if the racist chanting had already begun in the first half, but either way Muntari lost his head and not for the right reasons. Oddly it seemed to galvanize Milan who played an entertaining and energetic match regardless of being a man down. Everyone seemed to willing to work both sides of the ball and late in the second half Milan created two point blank chances, one from Flamini and one from Mexes that could have easily earned the crucial three points. Hindsight is what it is, but you have to imagine that with a full squad Milan would have come good as they were the better more complete team on the day. Yes Roma created chances, but Milan, for me, were the better team.

-Francesco Totti, a polarizing figure in my mind, proved again why the conversation of his greatness is always needed and yet to be cemented. For Roma fans he is a deity, I get that, but for everyone else his pestilent behavior has always been present, one minute he is taming his Ultras like only someone of his stature can and the next he is elbowing his former teammate. The referee let this one get out of hand, but that is no excuse. I will probably take flack for this but like my previous posts about Roma and their fans, my stance on Totti has not changed.

- There was one a minor ray of light to this match, and it was the urgency and tactical aggression that the team displayed. It was clear three points is what this team wanted, and while they didn't get it they certainly played for it. Allegri's choice to withdrawal Flamini and include Pazzini didn't yield a goal, but the team had a secondary focal, it allowed Balotelli to move even more and really forced Burdisso to focus on one player. You couldn't do it earlier because you are down a man, but it was a good move that will get glossed over by Couch Coaches, but should be pointed out.

So now we get to play the two match limbo on Sunday, what better way to end this maddening season!? Can't wait...