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Fiorentina 2 Milan 2

Just when you think things are going to be easy Milan find a way to make it difficult!

Claudio Villa

Allegri started this one off with some mind games naming Monty captain against former Club. What did Monty do to repay that gesture? Score in 14 minutes, and while he didn't celebrate, despite the jeers, the team seemed ready for cruise control. Pressing, smart runs, even a rare Flamini chance in the first half. As if that wasn't enough Fiorentina were reduced to ten men and Jovetic did his best Pato impression and came off early, but what ensued in the second half was absolutely mind boggling.

I must first reiterate my stance on officiating, these men are human, and all calls good, bad and indifferent even out over the course of the season. Many will see the Viola Red and call it harsh, he was not the last man, but a high elbow is a high elbow in any league and could very justify a red. However to have Flamini score a second only to see Fiorentina rewarded with two PKs in the span of seven minutes is beyond frustration.

Sure, the team looked a bit pokey in the second half, a new problem, considering most of our woes this season have been early, but even Max's attempt at his best Leo impression was foiled as we finished the match with four strikers and nothing to show for it. For those who wonder what "parking the bus" looks like Fiorentina's nine in the box for the last 15 minutes was a prime example and Montella had no shame in doing the best he could to secure a point, any intelligent Coach would have done the same in his circumstance and it proved to much for Milan.

A solid start only to be thrown away both mentally and physically. Sub-par performances from Balotelli, Muntari, and continued struggles for El Sharaawy who still must contend with double and triple teams, not a good day for a bad outing. The battle for third was a draw, and Milan's battle for second took a significant blow. The theme continues to be one game at a time, but this match may be one to remember, same as last season's loss to Fiorentina. The Viola continue to be a thorn in Milan's side, and our revenge will have to wait.