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Chievo 0 Milan 1

Milan continue to charge up the table and second place can is within reach.

Giuseppe Bellini

Seems like ages ago when wins for this squad were considered "miracles!" Milan no longer needs miracles, and their recent of form is by no means a serendipitous, but the byproduct of hard work and effort. Chemistry, tactics, and execution have come together to create team charging up the table. It may be to little to late, but second place is within reach, and while first place is a fool's dream, stranger things have happened!

The surprise of Saturday's match was the start for Robinho. It was the first time this attacking trident was deployed and tactically it looked more like a 4-3-1-2 then the standard wide 4-3-3. Even more intersting and intriguing for the fan of tactics is how Robinho and El Sharaawy both checked into the "hole" sometimes forming a the blast from the past XMAS tree formation. While interesting tactically, it was not effective and this trio struggled to find the cohesion needed to be consistently dangerous. No surprise really as understanding in attack takes time, but solid teams work through and find ways to win and Milan did on this day.

Monty with the goal, a mop up from a Balotelli free kick, his second against Chievo on the season pretty much put Milan in the driver's seat. Chievo had little answer other than to foul and hack away in the final third, with 9-10 ten men behind the ball. They paid the price with Danielli being sent off with his second yellow, two of four for the team who committed nearly 20 fouls on the day! Nothing like a trip to the provinces in Serie A.

Another interesting point to note is despite Constant's return from Red Card suspension, Allegri preferred DeSciglio at LB. Something to consider as Milan look to lock down the left full back position. Could DeSciglio and Abate be the present and future, many of us expect and want that answer to be yes, and the remainder of the season should answer if this is feasible.

Now with 8 days rest the team will regroup and continue the charge up the table as they go head to with the most difficult part of the schedule. One game at a time, no distractions!