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Wednesday Milan Musings

Max to Roma, EPL out of the CL and Diamanti to a Big Club...

Claudio Villa

-Uncle Fester says he is no rush to extend Max Allegri's Contract. I say it's time for Fester to stop persevering and sign Max up long term. I have said it in the past, and will say it again, Max should decline and walk out of Milanello with his head and middle fingers held high as he has gotten no respect by fans or management. Then again who needs respect when your resume does the talking. First Place and a Tropy in Season One, Second Place and a Trophy in Season Two, and now sitting in third and charging despite being at "Year Zero" and having player's sold over the summer. If anything Max deserves a raise, and all he gets is flack from Couch Coaches who don't know tactics from a toilet and think they know better than not just Max, but other Coaches as well. Such is life, but if Max heads to Roma, it will be Milan's loss. Oddly enough I have been told here that Roma is a Project to respect and admire, with vision, money and foresight...fitting they choose Max Allegri. He will win the CL someday, let's just hope it's at Milan.

-With the Arsenal on deck today, there is a possibility that no EPL team will remain in the CL. Oh how times change, two EPL teams in the Final, and now this. Serie A was at that point in 2003, but football works in cycles and we have discussed this many times before. Everyone is worried about the here and now, but things change and footballing "power" is one of them. Serie A will rise again, but like Milan it will require some patience.

-Bologna star man Alessandro Diamanti is garnering a lot of attention of late. He is a stud at Bologna and while it is a provincial Club, he has begun to gain attention by Club's both inside and outside of Italy. He is an interesting player, who looks like he can be prone to Cassano like outbursts, but at the same time display Baggio like skills. He can play wide left, wide right, or behind the strikers and with Allegri perfecting the 4-3-3 and still using the 4-3-1-2, a veteran to replace the one foot out the door Robinho or to persuade Milan to not waste money on Bojo the Clown could be a boon. It's an unlikely move, but one I can certainly get behind to help progress El Sharaaway, Balotelli, and Niang. Something to consider...