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The Eagle Has Landed

Time for the Devil to pluck this bird!

We currently sit 2 points behind Lazio who have again taken 3rd after our recent stalemate against the merda.

Lazio have been on a high for the past few seasons and are a pretty decent outfit, even after a change in coach they appear to have kept their momentum and have some pretty heavy weight players in Klose & Hernanes who can pretty much open up any team as evidenced by their current high position in the league.

Now, for some who have only recently come to Serie A this may not come as a surprise as they have regularly been finishing in the top 5 for the last couple of seasons but for anyone long enough in the tooth (and im showing my age here) it takes me back to see SS Nazio (as i affectionately call them) battling for a CL finish.

I can recall what some may refer to as the glory years for the Aquile when they had two of my favourite non-Milan players Alan Boksic & Beppe Signori who were both amazing to watch and lethal on their day but the club really started to make major strides after Sergio Cragnotti took over and rebuilt the club from the ground up (think Man City).


Boksic (aka the Croation Van Basten)

Cragnotti pretty much bankrolled a stable of talent including our very own Nesta, Stam & Crespo before they got all Red & Black, Juan Sebastian Veron, Christian Vieri, Mancini, Mihajilovic & Nedved, yup all these guys at one point were at Lazio and some of them worked under a certain Sven Goran Erikssson to win a scudetto dontcha know!

It feels almost like old times to have to battle past Lazio again and may also be a sign of Serie A beginning to pick up its game but with Klose out it will surely be a plus in Milans favour as we come across them this weekend as well as hoping they begin to slip a position or two so news that their 1st choice RB Konko is now out injured for at least a month is music to my ears!


(Di Canio, footballer, Lazio fan & family man idiot)

The one thing ive never liked about Lazio however is the racist fascist element that seems pretty embedded within a significant section of their ultras, now, im not saying for a second that this applies to ALL Lazio fans but for the section it does apply to their hatred appears to run pretty deep with one of the fans favourite going as far as throwing a Nazi fascist salute here and there (credit unclearthur3).

This was again recently highlighted after Nazios recent Europa League match where fans were spotted giving nazi salutes and will now have to play two games behind closed doors. Good! I've always had a suspicion as to the SS initials that they use! I mean you can easily call people ignorant or stupid when you witness what levels they will stoop to in following or acting on bigoted thinking but the poster that was unfurled during a Lazio - Spurs game simply left me fumbling for words as the Lazio fans took a pop at the Jewish make up of some of the Spurs fans.


(are they even aware of the ethnic background of the Pale.... ah nevermind..........facepalm!)

I'm hoping that after our weekend visit, this is how we leave the Lazio Eagle!


(Disclaimer: neither AviA, Gian, The Milan Offside or SB Nation condone cruelty to birds....even stupid hick racist ones!)