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Derby Preview

With a big win behind us the momentum must be positive as we continue to play ONE GAME AT A TIME!

Claudio Villa

Following the madness of midweek it would be easy for a team to put it into neutral. Milan has been known to fall to this sort of transgression; however we all hope not this time. The sooner this team, and even we, forget the BarcaBeating of 2013, the sooner we can focus on Inter. Sure our little friends who share the San Siro have been inconsistent this season, but this a Derby and a match that requires no introduction, this is the Derby Della Madonnina, the best Derby in all of Italy!!

Milan has the joy of not one, but three former Interista's in their ranks and one has to wonder if Max plays to the emotion and gives them a chance to destroy their former employer. Pazzo, Muntari and Balotelli have all worn the wrong colors of Milan and now have a chance to shine for the Red and Black. Balotelli is a sure play, but will Pazzo and Muntari go after the midweek maximum effort? It's a good question, we play to win ONE GAME AT A TIME, and at this time there is no rest for the weary. You can make a case to give Abate, Constant, Muntari, and even El Sharaawy a rest, but with a match of this magnitude you roll the dice and let them play. Inter also had a midweek tie, and they will be in the same boat and their tempo in which they are playing matches of late favors Milan as they are wearing down, but this, like all matches going forward should be all hands on deck!

Abbiati; Abate, Zapata, Mexes, DeSciglio; Muntari, Monty, Nocerino; Niang, Balotelli, El Sharaawy

This was my best guess, and while it pains me to rest Pazzo and Boateng after a great midweek a lot of players are performing well and you can make a case a few different ways as to how to break out the team and how to rotate. Lazio looms next Saturday as well and three difficult matches in ten days is never easy for any team. Curious to see your thoughts on the winning eleven, as your guess is always as good as mine!

Stay tuned for some new art-work on the weekend, Inter should Fear the Mohawk, but they will have other issues as well!