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CL: Milan 2 Barcelona 0

It was a majestic, galvanizing, clinical, defensive performance. Time for all the naysayers to give some credit where credit is due.

Claudio Villa

It's time for those who sit here and bash this team, this Coach, and these players come out be accountable. For those who believed, even in the smallest bit of hope today you know why. Today you were rewarded, and even if it was just a simple match in the Champions League, a tournament we most likely don't win, today was more than a victory, it was a statement! A statement of what this team can do, what it will become and what it plans to accomplish.

I received an ESPN alert around 6 PM that stated, Milan "upset" Barcelona in the Champions League. I have to admit I took that little alert with a bit offensive. Upset!? Says who, the people at ESPN, the media, the fans? Milan may have stood little chance at the outset of the this match, but this was not an upset, it was a clinic. A clinic of what organization, defensive mentality, and scrappy play can do against "Giants." For 90 minute not a single Milan player skipped a beat, if ever a team put on a collective performance to remember this was the one. Tracking back, working hard, and not missing a single mark. Lionel Messi? Didn't even have a shot on goal. Possession? All Milan.

I can't even sit here and pick a MOTM, it was such a solid team effort. Positives for each and every member of this winning eleven. : Prince got his name back, Muntari was a beast, Ambro turned back the clock, Pazzo was a pest, and the list goes on and on and on. But for me the accolade goes to one man, Max Allegri. Kudos to the man for assembling a tactical game plan and deployment that we discussed was crucial and making work for the team and the fans across the Globe!

Now let's not get ahead of ourselves, we still have travel to the Camp Nou and the Serie A fixture lists leaves no rest for the weary and no time for celebration. A few day's back someone mentioned this team was playing one match at a time and this point it can be more true. Enjoy this one, but then forget it, because Inter already has and the likes of Lazio and Juventus don't even care. Learn from this win, appreciate it, respect, but then prepare for the next one. I have to admit I have not enjoyed an atmosphere here at the AC Milan Offside for a long time it was incredible, and I am honored, let's keep that going the team needs it and we need it. We have work to do! Thanks again to Ralph for the great artwork and if you all tell him how much you liked it we may get a weekend surprise!

One last thing, how's the humble pie?