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Only Root for One Team in the Champions League

I was defiantly silent yesterday on this topic, and I don't ask that you agree but read my reasons, please.

Harold Cunningham

First things first, I am not chastising or criticizing anyone who believes that rooting for Juventus in the CL is like rooting for Italy and Serie A. Unfortunately it's not for me, and here is why...

I grew up in era where the Champions League, was the Champion's League. Which meant it was a Trophy contested by the Champion of each League. This was a noble, nail biting endeavor and a true tournament for the ages. As time progressed the League changed, it is now the Champion$ League full of additional matches, ad revenue, and teams from third or even fourth place in their Country. So much for Champions...

Admittedly I don't like the new CL. I don't like the group stages, the qualifying rounds or the expansion of participants. When Italy lost their qualify spot due to coefficients, it personally didn't bother me that much. From my perspective, if AC Milan finishes fourth they shouldn't qualify for the CL anyway, they don't deserve it. If you look back historically the team's that often qualify in that spot were not Italy's elite (Inter, Milan, Juve) they were the likes of Roma, Fiorentina, and Udinese, and while they fought admirably they are not CL caliber Clubs in my opinion. They are Europa League teams (another disaster of a Tournament for another day's discussion). The problem is it all boils down to the almighty dollar and no longer about the football.

So when Juventus enters the field of play in the CL, I don't root for them or support them. They do not represent Italy or Serie A, and they don't enter that pitch with such noble intentions. They play for their Color's, their Fan's and their bottom line as they should. I would expect my team to do the same. Our issue as Milan fans shouldn't be with the Elite of Serie A, if you are concerned with coefficients, it should be with our Serie A friends in the Europa League constantly crapping the bed!

Simply put I don't root for Juventus to succeed, I don't root for rivals. I have never been able to fathom this notion of rooting for another team in any fashion. I can watch a match, admire the beauty of football, but root for another team? Never. Now I appreciate Juve fan's coming out and saying good luck and so on, and I won't go as far as saying I wouldn't extend the same courtesy, but I think my point is made. I also don't think Milan should be parading complaining about coeffecients and lack of a fourth spot, simply because, if you don't win this League you probably don't deserve to be called a Champion anyway?!?! We may not win Serie A, we may not qualify for the CL, but all that does is serve a constant reminder to improve...