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Cagliari 1 Milan 1

With a congested fixture list and magnifying glass out from all the "fans" this match was a loss no matter the result...

Valerio Pennicino

It was an interesting lineup, almost inexplicable. Yes, we play Parma in five days, Barcelona in ten, and while the loss of Monty was plainly evident, it didn't have to be this way. The shortcomings of the roster were clear for all to see, the lack of a true depth in midfield was painfully evident but Allegr's choice to start Ambro, Muntari and Flamini was a bit baffling. Ambro can keep it simple as can Muntari, but the midfield resembled a shuttle instead of a football team. Shuttle forward, shuttle back, shuttle sideways, never collecting the ball, never making the simple passes they were most likely instructed to accomplish. The fact of the matter is Allegri could have played Boateng, not sure why he didn't, he also could have opted for a 4-3-1-2, but the point is his choices are limited.

When he finally opted to pull El Sharaaway, whose form has dipped dramatically of late, the team remained balanced with the inclusion of Boateng and it was Bojan moments later to bring the team back to an attacking formation. Bojan failed to make impression yet again and Robinho came on for Niang but it was Balotelli who was the hero yet again. Astori did his best to "impress" the Milan Brass with a wrestle down of Balo and a second yellow, but it was only enough for a draw as Milan managed more shots, significantly more possession but like last week couldn't finish chances. Yes the midfield was a bit off and lacking, but it was not terrible and had Milan converted some early chances this match would have been a comfortable three points away from home, but a draw is good enough.

Now Milan play the next four at home and continue to work up the table, slowly but surelyl. I am sure the daggers and arm-chair tacticians will be out in full force questioning the Coach with the obvious benefit of hindsight bias. Sure three points would have been nice, but they are never a given and never away from home. We all know Milan never take the easy road, so we press the meantime take a cue from Mario in the photo above.