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Milan v Udinese Preview

Silvio: Hey Max, make sure you play Balotelli on Sunday. Max: He just got here, hasn't played much, maybe he comes on at halftime. Silvio: Make sure you play Balotelli on Sunday...

Giuseppe Bellini

Yes I intended the title to be a bit of a joke, but we all know that joke is closer to reality. It's Balotelli watch 100% and the intention is that he most likely starts, I get it, but is that the right decision considering the circumstance?

Milan is in striking distance of the CL, and dropping points at home in a good month so far would be bad business. Not saying playing Balo is going to drop points but the growing pains associated with him starting after two training sessions will be visible. Chemistry is key in attack for interchanging and movement and if he starts growing pains may be evident. The other question is if he does start who does he replace? In Silvio's World we play four strikers, this is the same World in which Ronaldinho is a good footballer and Pato will return to Milan to set the World alight!? I think you got my point, but in the real world we can only play three (to many already on my opinion) so who sits? El Sharaawy is a must start, Niang is progressing and Pazzo has ten goals on the season? My vote is Niang, as I would prefer Balo starting on the right, but who knows? I tell you who isn't feeling all warm and funny inside, our dear forgotten friend Bojo the Clown!

My lineup...

Abbiati; Abate, Zapata, Mexes,Constant; Flamini, Monty, Boateng; Balo, Pazzo, El Sharaawy

Now let me explain, Udinese is an will be a tough customer. So last's week clean sheet defense stays on board for me. Flamini has earned his place, and while I don't trust him, I do honor his last two matches. Boateng stays, though I can argue for Nocerino. I placed Balo at RF, so we see what happens. Going to be an exciting match, tickets sales surely increased and the stadium should be packed. Going to be a fun one, see you on Sunday!