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AC Milan Transfer News and Musings

MILAN WERE A SERIOUS CLUB Strong words from a Ghost of Christmas Past...

That will be the closest he gets to one of those in a while...
That will be the closest he gets to one of those in a while...
Claudio Villa

Ok, maybe I took the holiday analogy a bit to far, but Boban is no slouch. Not satisfied with a regular post football career the Croatian went on to a history degree and a successful career in outspoken footballing journalism. So outspoken in fact he has kept his former Clubs in the cross hairs, slamming Kaka for leaving a few seasons ago. Saying his tears for Man City were false until Madrid arrived. He has come out hard and fast again, this time his words are, how should I say, a bit more SERIOUS.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia...

When it was put to Boban that Milan were still "a serious club", Boban countered: "No, it used to be a serious club."

The Croat then claimed he had never seen a weaker Milan side since Silvio Berlusconi had come to power in 1986 and put current CEO Adriano Galliani in charge.

"I have never seen Milan being run in a less serious manner than it is now," Boban fumed. "It's the worst of the Galliani era.

"I hope for Milan and for Seedorf himself that he doesn't become Milan's coach," he stated. "He's not ready for it.

So how did this happen to a Club like AC Milan? Easy, when you are run like a circus sideshow you become a sideshow. I think it is important to put this situation into perspective, Milan has a long and storied history, but a bit of a lull before the Berlusconi era. Once Silvio came in he invested and turned Milan into something incredible, the problem is when the luster wore off and the investment dried up all Milan has no are the memories. The Owner seems to have long forgotten that his investment, not his involvement is what made the new era of AC Milan.

Now I am not advocating for him to shovel more money into the kiln, not in this day and age, but Boban's comment about seriousness is spot on. How did a club so revered become such an embarrassment? Management dating players, new Coaches courted on TV and in the news, and players taking selfies in their underwear instead of training on the pitch!? The problem comes from the top, and it's time the "top" fades into the background and the football becomes the star again. Now sadly, this is easier said than done, the high profile two CEO debacle was more than enough stupidity for one season, and we all know that model is unsustainable. But it's time the Berlusconi Monarchy takes a backseat to a more systematic and pragmatic approach. For those who think Barbara, a Princess in the monarchy, will abolish that system, I wouldn't hold your breath. Few Kings and Queens have given up their reason for rule in favor of a Democracy! Maybe the answer is a silent investor, in the style of Arsenal, or a Board comprised of former players and managers making decisions, but something has to give. Until then the Barbara and Berlusconi circus rambles on.