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Serie A Preview: The Milan Derby!

My Derby Preview!

Claudio Villa

1. Favorite Derby Memory?

There has a been a lot over the years. As Avia said the 6-0 is a cliche, but for me the CL quarters and semis were magical. Hugely important home and away knock out matches, both played at the San Siro! The games were hotly contested affairs and even the pitch couldn't handle it! It needs to be said my memories are fond because Milan always made it through! The 3-0 in the Scudetto season though was my recent favorite and a statement game if there ever was one!

2. State of the Opposing Club?

It is a sad day when as a Milan fan I have to say Inter is headed in the right direction while Milan is not. Both Milan Clubs were effectively monarchies with Moratti and Berlusconi. Moratti had an epic final run with the Special One at the helm but realized it was unsustainable. The Count never had a good eye for players buying more on pomp and circumstance than talent and it left a hole in his wallet, so he sold, and with that Inter seem to have a plan. It is early, but Milan's King has not given us a reprieve and his Princess will surely run us into the ground.

3. Exciting Player to Watch this Derby?

I am a big fan of Kuzmanovic, but he hasn't made the impact I expected at Inter. Interesting that Inter has evolved a bit in player scouting a predominately Argentine group now has a good mix. Same can be said for Milan as a once Brazilian base is now mixed. Not sure what to make of this at this time for either Club. Now we wait and see if Handanovic can do what JC did against Milan.

4. Player that Needs to be Stopped to Secure a Win?

Palacio may have a horrible rat tail, but nine goals is nothing to laugh at. The man to stop was Alvarez but thanks to suspension Milan get's off easy. Oddly Milan has struggled historically against Mazzari sides due to the width so this will prove an interesting match.

5. Prediction?

I rarely predict scorelines, in fact I don't even like to predict lineups anymore! One thing to consider, not predict, is the derby has seen its fair share of red cards over the we see one this weekend? Both teams need a win so it may be more open than cagey.

Want to say a quick thank you to our friends at the SBNation Inter Offisde who joined us for this, it was a lot of fun and gives a different perspective for all us. Who says we can't be friends!? Then again, let's talk after the Derby!