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Serie A Preview: The Milan Derby

Our second Interista, SonoTuttoBene, gives her Derby preview!

Claudio Villa

SonoTuttoBene gives her Derby Preview!

1) What is your favorite Derby memory: In recent memory, definitely the August 29, 2009 Derby. I remember feeling so anxious about this match. It was Wes' first match and he had arrived barely 24 hours before. All worries about how he was going to fit was completely gone by full time and if anything, he fit like a custom made glove. Thiago and Deki had gorgeous goals and Il Principe opened his derby goal account. It was nearly a perfect game to my recollection. To me, this started our march to the Treble. It emphasized how special this squad was and will always hold personal memories for me!

2) State of the Opposing Club: While the majority of people have been making fun of Milan, I won't go down that route (that's a whole different story that can be saved for another time.) Even with the not so behind the scenes power struggle, Milan are always a force to be reckoned with. Think about it; Milan have internal problems, a coach many don't like, a roster not as talented as before... yet they are the only Italian club to progress in Champions League. They will also slowly march up the league table during the second half of the season, as they always do. Mark my words.

3) Exciting Player to Watch this Derby: Easy. Ricky Alvarez.... OH WAIT. HE'S SUSPENDED. Gee, thanks, Tagliavento. I'm thinking/hoping that Rodrigo Palacio and/or his Argie striker brethren of Mauro Icardi and Diego Milito will give Interisti a reason to get up out of their seats come Sunday.

4) Player that needs to be stopped to secure a win: Is it anyone else besides Mario?

5) Predictions: I don't do predictions. It's one of my many superstitions. I will say, though, that I voted for Option E in the latest Inter Poll.

On a tangent, I would like to say that the unity shown by the Curva Sud with the Curva Nord over the ban is much appreciated, as are the words by Galliani. I hope the decision is overturned, as it really isn't a derby without the tifosi.