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Serie A Preview: The Milan Derby!

A little bit of love between enemies as the SBNation Inter and Milan contingents talk Derby!

Claudio Villa

For those that don't know the SBNation has a cracking Inter side aptly named the Inter Offside.  For those who have been around long enough, both blogs migrated over from the Offside and like the true stubborn tifosi we are we kept the names, while some faces have changed the rivalry remains the same!

In the next few days you will be treated to a Q&A that each of us have filled out, the questions are below and you are more than welcome to tackle them as well.  Not the way Montolivo tackes though, we don't need any injuries before the Holiday...ENJOY!

1. What is your favorite Derby memory?

2. State of the Opposing Club?

3. Exciting Player to Watch this Derby?

4. Player that needs to be stopped to secure a win?

5. Prediction?