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CL Draw Recap

A meeting with this former Serie A man is going to be far from easy.

Matthew Lewis

I have a bit of contempt for La Liga, what is often a two, or maybe three horse race, based on who won the Clasico is not my idea of a good league football. A league where calls are frequent, goals are plentiful, and defense is inconsistent I would have welcomed any of the Spanish Clubs not named Barcelona. But this one I don't like it, this Atletico Madrid team is not a La Liga team, and while they sit joint top of La Liga, this is the draw I didn't want. This one won't be easy.

The plus 34 goal differential should tell you all you need to no. This is a tough to nut crack and not just defensively, this team is flat out tough. Pub brawl tough. Costa has 17 goals to his name, and Felipe Luis is a classic enforcer. This team racks ups goals and fouls at an alarming rate and while some La Liga teams prefer possession this team is like blunt force trauma. They are for me, this year's Borussia Dortmund, and while they lack Dortmund's depth, they can make a run here. it all depends on how the former Inter and Catania man plays his cards, and if he goes for broke in the CL Milan may be the first of many victims. If he tries to fight on two fronts, then Milan may have a chance. Either way you look at it, I don't like this draw. If you have a moment, give this team a look. If you like delicate passing football, be forewarned, but if your tool of choice is a hammer then you will enjoy this squad.