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Matchday XVI Preview: Milan v Roma

My history with AS Roma is torrid, things have subsided, but I still want my three points!

Claudio Villa

I have had nearly 10 years of disdain for AS Roma. Truth be told it is almost unfounded, I remember in my College days in Boston I had to listen to Roma fans in the North End tell me how good Roma was, it was 2001-2005. They had one their first title in ages, but Milan got the laugh last. I seemed to always equate them with Red Sox fans, a sense of unfounded entitlement to being a "big boy" in Serie A or perennial "top" team. This was not something I could bestow and in fact is something that is earned and at that time they hadn't really earned it. 2000-2010 Roma was your friend's little brother, he scored a goal in five a side now and again that made you wonder and think twice, but you could always give him a whack or make him look silly! Oh how times change...

While they may never get the respect they crave, new Owners and new direction seem to be breathing life into Roma while Milan flounder in the past. Not afraid to sell Lamela or buy players like Bradley, they have embraced their brash kid like mentality on the pitch while executing a well laid out transfer policy off it. While I don't envy their empty trophy cabinet I do envy their new Ownership regime, gone is the archaic Sensi Family Monarchy in favor of a real business mentality. Those guys even went after Allegri, smart, and while Milan didn't let him go they settled on Garcia but the foundation being built screamed success while our Owners take Milan further into the abyss as we endure a silly power struggle at the top.

All that aside, I still love beating Roma, because of the past, but more because of how much of a thorn in the side they have been to Milan over the years and ALWAYS around Christmas. My XMAS list is very limited this year, it has one thing on it, BEAT ROMA.