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Milan 0 Ajax 0

We learn a few things, not all of them positive but a learning experience no less!

Claudio Villa

First things first, there have been few things to smile about this season, oddly the CL has been one of them. This draw was not pretty, but it was functional. Sorry for the pun, but it was the Honda of victories. Not the prettiest but functional, and sometimes functional counts. I have always said, I prefer my women pretty and my football I will take what I can get...with that said. I WILL TAKE IT!!!!

As for the match we learned a few things, some positive, some negative so we recap as such:

-Montolivo is NOT a Captain. Not for this Club and maybe not ever. When the going was the toughest, arguably our most crucial match of the year Montolivo saw red. At first I defended the player, I thought the challenge was more incidental that intentional, but when I watched the replay again and again, I can't explain why he would step down after he ball was so far gone. He misses the next match, and if you want my honest opinion should miss a few more, as this team doesn't need that, but we can talk tactics in that regard at a later date.

-This team CAN DEFEND, when it is life or death, and while we traded one bonehead for another (Mexes for Constant) somehow they held on! Bonera definitely brings a calming presence, and to have Mexes as a floating CB in the dying minutes seemed to work as he could run, without thought, directly at the ball! It was a bit nervy at times but at the end of the day these guys proved they can do it.

-Bojo the Clown is still a Clown. If you make Constant look like a serviceable LB then you are not very good. He simply isn't a CF for a 4-3-3 and his poor decision making was painfully evident. Letting him go was A-OK.

-Monty's red card was awful, but the sacrifice of SES was far worse. The look on his face made me cringe from 3000 miles away. It had to be done, there was absolutely NO other option, but it still sucks. I hope the kid understands, I still think he is the future of this team hands down, but today didn't help anyone. Thanks Monty, thanks again.

-Balo can be a pestilent, so pestilent in fact even the referee stops caring. This is not doing him any favors. At times he took the ball down like a boss and man-handled two CBs like they were nothing as they hacked at his legs. Other times he goes down as though he was shot to no whistle, let the play do the talking Mario the entire team will be better for it.

-DeSciglio is for real, I hope the comment about preferring to play RB was taken out of context because him and Abate health goes a long way now and in the future for AC Milan!

So here we are, awaiting another UEFA "random" draw that either reunites us with Zlatan or Carletto...what are the odds of pulling ManYoo out of that bowl o'balls!?