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CL Group Stage: Milan v Ajax

The problem is with this team, nothing is ever easy...

Gabriele Maltinti

The weekend fixture seemed to ask more question then it did provide answers. SES may have taken a knock, DeSciglio returned match fit, but do either play a role midweek? If so how and where. It seems with every match a new variable presents itself and the campaign continues to flounder.

Now Milan must take to a point to make it to the knockout round, a seemingly easy task but this isn't your normal AC Milan. Truth be told, not making the KO round would be the wake up call Three Stooges at the time may need, but the lack of funds,again a problem on them is probably the nail in the coffin for this team. So here we are cheering for 25M and the inevitable draw against Barcelona due to managements poor use of resources.

Speaking of resources it would appear the 4-3-2-1 was making better use of them on the pitch, three matches with two wins and a draw, but the actual application looks good in the sense of results but left a lot to be desired on the pitch. I have to imagine it gets deployed again, but the personnel and match fitness become the real question. Does SES start? Abate? DeScig? Constant? So many questions so few answers, this one however is easy.

Does this team need a result? YES!