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Time we ditch the idea of "Milan Quality"

Nigel Roddis

Today's WTF Friday is short, sweet, and aimed at the statement you often read and hear, Da Milan or Milan Quality. What does that mean exactly, why is that even uttered!? Are we likening said player to say Maldini or Baresi whose quality will never be equaled or are we saying some bum like Ronaldinho or Pato? Furthermore, isn't the idea of "quality" a subjective one anyway? What is quality may not be quality to you, so why do people use this phrase?

Today I propose a moratorium on using such a ludicrous statement because right now this Club has not quality. Quality is not something you are entitled to, quality is something you earn through performance. You become a quality player, a quality organization or a quality person. Who cares what some schmuck on twitter thinks Milan quality is, we don't have any so we it is time that notion is thrown out the window and this team start at to build that reputation again on core values and hardworking. Not something someone else did...