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CL Group Stage Barcelona 3 - Milan 1

The ship is lost when a Coach does something the fans clamor for one day and crucify with hindsight bias the next.

David Ramos

Sadly I have to keep this relatively brief, I am currently at 35.000 feet returning from Seattle.  The time change killed me and watching the match was a struggle and comedy of errors even in a football forward City like Seattle.  Oh and the lady in front decided to recline her seat into my laptop, I hate flying...

When I saw the lineup, I have to say I was surprised, the 4-4-1-1 is one of my least formations, but benching Balotelli, something we all discussed.  As as well as keeping Constant off the pitch, in favor of a pacier Urby seemed like good ideas.  However, like all good ideas, when the execution fail it wasn't a good idea at all and welcome to Milan 2013.  Worse, the same people who said Balotelli should sit for a bit, and Constant shouldn't start still complained.  Oh well, it is clear that nobody can win in this situation.

The Barca sympathizers will tell you Milan were outplayed, I on the other hand didn't agree.  A penalty, an offisde, and yes I admit we needed an own goal, but in no way did Barcelona play Milan off the pitch.  The problem was again simply not being good enough.  Abate had a howler, Zapata still sucks, Montolivo wide, center, forward, or back simply sucks.  What more is there to say...Kaka killed himself to the point of no return, and Balotelli finally showed some drive, but the rest was lacking and the result shows that.  I guess at the end of the day, outplayed or not a loss is a loss.

Onto the weekend...