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Milan 0 Fiorentina 2

The question is not when the masses will have their scapegoat, but how long will the real problems persist?

Marco Luzzani

It is no longer a question for debate, Allegri will be fired.  It is no longer a matter of is this the right choice or what will it do to the team? It has become painfully evident that the illogical belief that a Coach, any Coach, can be responsible for the position this team is in has taken over.  Berlusconi, the absentee Owner with no money, and Galliani, the general manager who has lost touch with the modern game, are analogous now to Emperors in the Roman Coliseum.  They have to give the thumbs down so the  masses can satisfy their blood lust, while they sulk quietly to their quarters knowing full well where the blame lies.

We can discuss yesterday's painful display but merely for the sake of filling the page.  You can sum up the performance in the gestures of the pestilent and lazy Balotelli, or in the work ethics of Kaka and Abate.  The problem is the few can't always support the rest and watching Balotelli yesterday sort of gave you the big picture in one player.  It seemed like he was manifesting the management's arrogance and laziness.  That's because he is "Balotelli," and this is "Milan," things should go your way without the investment of dollars and effort that is needed to be a good Club or a good footballer.  When the Coach needed to change the tide of the match he looked down the bench to find few, if any, difference makers.  He turned to Niang for Birsa, to add some "pace" and not fully give away the flank to Fiorentina.  Niang did little in his twenty minutes and when it was time to replace Muntari he had only Saponara as a link from midfield to attack.  This is because the 5M price tag on Honda this summer was to much when he could be had for free in January, or the players the Coach had asked for in years past were to expensive.

In fact, it is safe to say now that management is getting their return on investment.  You invest nothing, you get nothing, and here we are.  Abate came out yesterday, stating they are behind the Coach, but it matters little.  If you search the glut of footballing content on the internet you can see the clear line of those who understand Milan's underlying problem and those who in live a fantasy claiming this Club still have money and that a new Coach can fix this group of average misfits.  More importantly those that the believe the same management that once built this Club can rebuild it, this I no longer believe.

For many of you enjoy these next few days, your wishes have been granted.  I personally don't believe this is the right move for this Club and I wait patiently to see who management has earmarked to right this ship.  Is it Seedorf?  Inzaghi? Gattuso?  If so, sadly things will get worse before they get better, these Legends will tarnish their legacy taking over this mess.  Is it Donadoni, a more pragmatic and cautious Coach than Allegri, surely that won't answer the cheers.  Is it Prandelli come summer?  With no investment even the man who has nothing will continue on that path.  Carletto?  Surely a step backwards instead of forward, but I restate, enjoy your next few days.  As I noted yesterday on twitter, I will be here when things don't go as planned for worse and better.