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Milan (and AviA) in Paradise!

I managed to get more than just a game of football!

Jeff J Mitchell

Milan are coming!

Is there anything that grabs your attention more than the idea of Milan coming to play somewhere near you? It might not mean much in Italy but know i speak for most of us here who live outside Italy when i say you suddenly start thinking about the hows, whos and wheres!!

How: Get tickets and book not one but two days off work well in advance!

Whos: To get to meet the all squad but somehow interact with them all!

Wheres: Some world class stalking will have to be undertaken!

So i made sure the day before the game i got mega early to the airport to greet the squad!13110072_medium

Hurry and land FFS!


I got me a Galliani autograph!


Arite had asked me to trick Allegri into signing his resignation,...........i couldnt do it!



Like you guys dont know this is Tassotti!


Damn its hard to look good next to Matri! :D


Poli & Bonera (didnt get their autographs!) :(


He signed that shirt like a FQN Boss!


Me and Cris!


Why you no play good anymore? :D


Didnt get Mario, he was the only player with a police escort!




Zaps - you better not brainfart dude! I'm watching you!

Just as i was about to turn and run out of the airport like a giggly little girl it occurred to me....."Wait! Where's the youth team? Wait! Isn't their coach some guy called.........


13110162_medium 13110163_medium

OMG!! He's signing my shirt!


And because im greedy i ran to all the way to the front of the huddle for a second pass!



I think im gay for Pippo!

I even went as far as stalking the youth team back to their hotel for good measure!



Pippo caught me stalking him.........back to the car!

That was all from the day before the match and boy was I ecstatic! I had a signed jersey with signatures from Galliani, Allegri, Tassotti, Kaka (no pic), De Jong, Nocerino, Matri and the one and only Pippo!

Match Day

Got there mega early to scout out the area as i'd heard that it was kinda rough around Parkhead but happy to report that the atmosphere was pretty friendly and carnival like.



But you better believe that there was a heavy Police presence. I was asked to stand under a CCTV so that they could video & ok my Offside Banner! We're famous folks! (or at the very least, listed on some kind of crime database! )


This did get the attention of the Milanista milling around the away support end!

I had to admit to being impressed by the number of Curva Sud who not only turned up but organised all the chants!





I was such an excellent couple of days for me and getting to join in with the Curva chants might be a once in a lifetime thing for most of us so know you will understand when i say that this was probably the best football match ive attended.

Things gave been fraught for us all recently and it was a great form of release to actually silence Parkhead, i got the impression that the home fans were abit taken aback by the Milanista fervour. Not only did we get a much needed win, a distraction from our current problems but we did it all convincingly, it was such a great night i now know why the Celtic fans refer to their stadium as Paradise as that's exactly what it felt like last night!

Forza Milan!

PS:I havent had time to sort out any of the videos taken and hope to get around to that soon!