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Monday Milan Musings

This is football. History tells us it does not owe anything to anyone! Just because we are Milan means nothing.

Claudio Villa

The words above come from Juan80 and they resonated for an entire day until I could get them typed down. It is true, so very true, and to further a point from yesterday. This team lacks that character of Milan, and this short fall can only be masked for so long. Case in point, say what you want about Zlatan, often called a mercenary, but the heart in that man is enough to drag a team forward. Coupled with the tenacity of the likes of Gattuso, Van Bommel, and Nesta and Milan experienced success.

What this team has now is talent without tenacity. Players who seem to believe they are entitled to victory without actually doing the work needed to earn it. Look at Montolivo, for years constantly compared to Pirlo. The heir apparent, the next best thing, for what? What has Montolivo earned other than press? Trophies? Titles? He was given an arm band, for what? Muntari has done more to deserve that than Montolivo, and I don't say that lightly. This team needs to be purged of players like this, as it was jettisoned Pato. Players who feel entitled to victory are not coach-able, they will lack the understanding of the work required to be successful and it is being put on display week in and week out.

For all the flack Massimiliano Allegri gets from the haters, it has become evident that the man is a diabolical master mind. He knew this all along, while management continued to buy up rejects from other Clubs (Zapata, Mexes, Robinho, and Balotelli) who had come to the conclusion I came up to above. These are talented players but not the talent one would require to win football matches, it is superficial talent, the kind you see occasionally in youtube videos where the moment stands but the player stands to be forgotten. So when management finally does decide to fire Max and input Seedorf or Pippo, or Babsy decides to name herself Coach, they will all suffer the same end result. This listless bunch of uselessly talented players will not change. Max knows this, I know this, Management knows this, and the Curva knows this. The only few that don't know can find them on twitter or even here in the comments. They call for the Coach's head like Romans with blood lust, not stopping to consider what the reality of the situation of is. Or what a change really does or means.