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AC Milan Transfers News

One Step Forward, One Million Steps Back!?

Jonathan Daniel

I was all ready to slam the rumor of Zeman to Milan.  The mere thought of Zeman's headless chicken 4-3-3 with no regard for defense makes me cringe more than appointing a Coach who has proved his inability to win in Serie A time and time again.  Enough about that, because I read this.

The mere thought of reliving the Leo nightmare makes me cry, but for everyone here clamoring about Milan's lack of commitment to a youth movement or plan to move forward.  I think we can all agree both of these moves, Seedorf and Pirlo, are a terrible idea.  Instead of moving forward, it is a step backwards on so many levels.  Hell, why not bring back Ronaldinho, Pippo and Sheva, not to Coach but to play.  Who needs a youth movement, it will be a geriatric movement.  What happens to Cristante if you bring back Pirlo, forget Monty.

At the end of the day, Milan doesn't need another Leo-experiment, we need a real concerted effort to move this team forward with both a plan and some patience.  Hiring a Coach with ZERO experience, who didn't know when to quit playing is not the answer. Bringing back players who ended their Careers in lack luster fashion and over 30 years old is also not the answer.

Hopefully we chalk this up to internet nonsense, but any shred of this coupled with Bab's promotion could spell the end of AC Milan as we know it.  Welcome to the Berlusconi family circus...