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Matchday XI: Milan v Fiorentina

An easy transition?

Claudio Villa

Going to get a little sarcastic here, so if you don't like it scroll down and consider this your fair warning...

If you are having trouble rooting for Milan in the current "crisis" think of today as an opportunity to scout out your new team, but before you do consider this:

-In 2001 the Club's finance were so bad, they ceased to exist. Not even able to go to Serie B, they were re-established in Serie C. it was not until 2005 they returned to Serie A. You think you have it tough, imagine not having a team?!

-They have two Serie A titles. A commenter on the blog yesterday said if Milan don't win a trophy for three years the Coach should get fired, Fiorentina haven't won a trophy for 12 years, and haven't won a Scudetto since '69, but hey right now they are ahead of Milan in the table, so hop on that bandwagon!

-They are not in the CL

-They wear purple, purple is never cool.

If you want more on Fiorentina check out the SB Nation site, Viola Nation, go ask those folks what it means to have your Club cease exist and tell them how hard you have it as a Milan tifosi! If Milan win, and you are stuck rooting for this team another week, don't worry Roma is coming up soon, maybe maroon suits you better than purple.

All kidding aside, this is not going to be an easy game for Milan. Fiorentina is playing good football with GROSSI leading the charge. Milan could have easily bought the little man from America, but instead chose to buy, wait, who did we buy?? Oh yeah Kaka and Matri, two goals their names, but oh well, hindsight bias I guess, shame on me. Either way, I expect Milan to struggle in this one as the CB's will have a hard time contending with this attack, Allegri will really have to demand the players to focus and when Fiorentina attacks he will have run out and wake up Zapata, because Zapata can't be bothered to man mark or track runs, he is just a professional footballer after all.

Enjoy this one, and if Fiorentina tickles your fancy, I know a guy that can get you a sweet deal on a purple turtleneck and puffy jacket he has them stock piled in his basement.