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Another Friday, another WTFF!

This weeks WTF Friday is brought to you by the notion that someone recently tried to talk me out of attending the Celtic – Milan game!

I was speaking to a fellow football fan in my office, he’s a Gooner and the weekend is usually spent catching up on how the others team did over the weekend. He’s not happy Flamini is back, it would have been funny to a 3rd person listening to a Milanista trying to convince a Gooner that Flamini is actually ok, anyway, I digress.

I intimated that I was hunting for tickets and my mate basically said that if it was him he probably wouldn’t bother going to watch them play Celtic. He based this on the fact that Celtic are hard to beat at home in the CL, I think Barca are one of the few teams to leave their mark at Parkhead in recent years. He also referred back to my recent comments about Milan and how pants we have been doing since the season started and asked whether I would really bother on spending the time & money on attending if I thought they might not win?

I have to admit to instantly dismissing his notion of not attending a match if you feel that your team might not get a positive result (or have been playing badly recently) because surely that is the pure definition of a “fair-weather fan” no?

If I’m honest I think we will be run ragged by Celtic, what they lack in pure technical talent they will make up for with “fire-in-their-stomach” football ala Conte’s Juve which they seem to generate whenever they play at home in the CL. I expect that we might have a torrid time punctuated with Matri being ineffective every time he gets the ball (every 20 mins) and half expect to leave the stadium after having screamed myself hoarse.

I know there has been recent mud-slinging about fandom but wanted to ask everyone if Milan where due to play near you in the next wee while (and they were still sucking ass) would you still go to watch them play?